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Thank you for visiting the Food Pantry at Columbia's ordering site. Please note, we are a student run organization, with a small group of volunteers. As such, we have policies in place to ease the workload for our members that acknowledge our limited size and labor resources.

For pantry-specific questions/concerns:
Olivier/Lerner --
Tobe/Medical Center -- 
For all other questions about additional Columbia resources, government support, and more:  
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Please note these policies:

  • Orders that are not picked up on their scheduled date will be canceled and refunded. If you still would like to pick up items, place another order for another one of our open days. We do not hold orders past the date chosen at the time of purchasing, and volunteers typically cannot access orders from previous dates.

  • Orders may be placed from 1 week in advance of an open date to 10am the day of. For example, if it is 11am on a Wednesday, the earliest customers may pick up a new order is Thursday.

  • We cannot honor any orders from our previous software, WooCommerce. All transactions must take place on Pantry Soft, as of 11/27/2023. 

As always, we strive to assist in alleviating food insecurity on the Columbia campus, but we will never resemble larger-scale operations in New York City. For further assistance in the face of food insecurity, please reach out to, where you may learn more about off-campus resources and government assistance.

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Item request + feedback forms: Lerner / Medical Center